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Terms and Conditions



User Agreement:

You must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering any products from GreenSpectrums.com. By placing your order you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

Product Disclaimer:

I accept that I will receive a bill from Green Spectrums upon payment completion.

The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate the statements on this website. Green Spectrums products are cannot diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I will not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting my doctor. I understand that the products on this website do not treat any type of medical condition.


You must be 21 years or older to purchase Green Spectrums products. Consult a physician before using any of our products if you have any medical condition, a family history of medical conditions, or take prescription, OTC and/or other medications. Medical conditions include, but are not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

In placing an order, I authorize a charge via the payment method I provide (i.e. credit or debit card). In placing an order, I represent that I have read and agree to the Shipping and Returns Policy, Privacy Policy and full Terms and Conditions of this offer. I understand that I am liable for the full payment of the order.


The products for sale on this site are guaranteed new, unused, authentic, and in original packaging.

Exchange Policy:

If any products arrive damaged, broken or part of your order is missing. You must notify the company within 3 days of confirmed delivery.

Return and Refund Policy:

All sales are final.

Purchases Disclaimer:

Because of the uncertainty and rapid pace of change of relevant laws, Green Spectrums makes no representation as to the legality of CBD under laws applicable to you. Purchases are at your own risk.