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White Label_Formulation

Formulation Process

If you share our enthusiasm for creating clean CBD products, we encourage you to White Label your next product line with us! At Green Spectrums, we are committed to using simple ingredients to formulate high quality products. This process starts with sourcing Hemp flower from USA farms. Our Hemp extracts, CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate come from Hemp farms in New York, Colorado and Oregon. A solvent-free extraction and infusion process make our products the most effective and purest on the market. In addition to a whole Hemp plant formulation, we use natural ingredients, like Essential Oils, organic vegetables, raw herbs and organic MCT Oil. White Label an existing product or work directly with our formulists to develop a unique CBD topical or edible product that exceeds your expectations.

White Label_Your Brand

Your Branding

If you need a logo or label design for your product, our team will gladly help you through the process! Meet with our designer for a consultation to discuss your vision, branding and design strategies for your product line. We work with you to create an eye-catching look that will make your CBD products stand out. Because the CBD industry is still relatively new, NY state guidelines and regulations are constantly being updated. Rest assured that our knowledgeable staff will create a label with the most up-to-date CBD information. Complete the look with custom packaging, boxes, posters and more!

White Label_Final

Ready, Set, Go!

Once you approve the design and final formulation, we prepare for production. We test every batch of products with a 3rd-Party Laboratory to ensure potency. Each test comes with a Certificate of Analysis that details the cannabinoid breakdown of your product and will provide you with absolute transparency. We then bottle, seal, label and ship your custom CBD products directly to you. All that’s left is to stock your shelves! We look forward to sharing our products with those who have the same enthusiasm for CBD and its many health benefits! Contact us to meet and discuss your White Label vision. And don’t forget to see if your order qualifies for special pricing!

Cannabinoid Certificate_Fertucci
Cannabinoid Certificate_Fertucci 2
Cannabinoid Certificate_Fertucci 4
Alternate Certificate_Fertucci
Alternate Certificate_Fertucci 2